First Grade in German school: a year in review

Although I am behind on travel posts, I want to take today, Sequoia’s last day of first grade, to look back over the school year in pictures (and a few video clips).  This… Continue reading

Brief Notes from the World Cup Win

Very quick notes from a small town the morning after the World Cup win… This, in our newspaper holder this morning: At the end of the game, fireworks surrounded the house in every… Continue reading


German summer festivals last from a few days to a week or so. Trucks roll into town and crews begin erecting giant rides that you’re not comfortable riding in a permanent amusement park,… Continue reading

Germany flag side dish for the 4th of July

Today is the Germany-France game. I haven’t forgotten that it is also the birth of a nation, my home nation, and for that I am wearing the appropriate colors. In fact, this afternoon… Continue reading

Launching Science Lessons

Today Sequoia and her friend Noah came out of school giddy from the last class period. “We didn’t have religion today,” Noah gushed. “We walked to the playground!” At my child’s elementary school, where… Continue reading

Top 7 Ways an Ex-Pat in Germany Recognizes the World Cup is Happening

1. The 80-year-old neighbor lady raises the German flag a week out. 2. Your first grader didn’t have regular classes the day after the World Cup opened–The entire school walked to a Fußball… Continue reading

Language Win

Yesterday as the kids were leaving Sequoia’s party, a little girl, Emma, came up to me and asked (in German, of course) if I’d seen her pink jacket.  I had not.  I began… Continue reading

Birthday Parties: Where I Go Right, Where I Go Wrong, and Everything in Between

I’m not gonna lie: there are areas where I go overboard on birthday parties for my kid.  Not in the Martha Stewart sense, mind you… (although admittedly I am an expert at covering my… Continue reading

Field of Nightmares

It’s been quite some time since there has been any word as to how it’s been going on the bike I bought last year.  I haven’t crashed it in many months (although that… Continue reading

Unicycles, unicycles, everywhere unicycles

As I continued to post to a facebook thread I had begun regarding my child’s new unicycling class, I realized that the whole situation warranted a blog post. First I should mention that we recently… Continue reading